Woman Down

I’ve had the flu.  What a dull, dull thing to have during these beautiful summer days.  Sticky duvet, hot tea, warm baths, chicken soup.  Flu is clearly a winter affliction.  What the heck is it doing here, slap bang in the middle of Jacaranda season?!

The one thing I like about being sick is not being sick anymore.  It always feels like you have fresh eyes on the world.  Everything is new again. Also, it seems whilst I’ve been indoors, outdoors has become summer.  Purple flowered, afternoon showers, rainbow framed summer.  Nice.

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  1. Shmyril says:

    You look like a lady in the 1800s with consumption.

  2. ant L says:

    Oh, dear, hope you’re better now.

  3. Berni Chin says:

    A beautiful Damsel in the 1800′s…with consumption!

  4. Movan says:

    Shame, lovie! x x x

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