You Betcha This is a Post on Snow

It snowed yesterday in Joburg.  If you were here, you would have seen it and if you were anywhere else in the world and even remotely linked to a Joburger, I’m sure you would have heard about it too.

It’s kind of a big deal for us because we are used to blue skies.  Blue skies.  And more blue skies.  The occasional afternoon Summer storm and then more blue skies.  It hasn’t rained for months and then suddenly yesterday, the sky went a strange shade of invisible lilac, and little snow flakes started to silently fall.

I was driving around a lot yesterday and so saw several different versions of the snow in Joburg.  A virtual snow storm through the old buildings in town, snow falling like in a snow globe in Rosebank and the ground actually starting to go white in Sandton.

My three favourite moments yesterday where seeing a lady walking past the zoo, feel snow landing on her hand, stopping, looking up and shaking her head at the sky.  An old man in a wheel chair purposefully going out into the snow, with his hands stretched wide, face towards the falling snow, smiling.  And a little girl, looking at her mom and saying, ‘Today is my favourite day’.

PS.  Did you know I wrote a guest post on my Cousin’s travel blog?! Take a look here.

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  1. CousinRobyn says:

    Oh my gosh, seeing all the pics of snow from everyone has been amazing! I can’t believe I leave Joburg for a month and miss the first proper snow in years and years!

    Thanks for the mention, BIG hugs xx

    PS ‘Today is my favourite day’ – too cute!

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